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The low cost alternative to plasma cutting systems

CLS-408 - 4' x 8' System

 Max Sheet Size 48"x 96" - $11,000.00 plus shipping


CLS-410 - 4' x 10' System

 Max Sheet Size 48"x 120" - $12,500.00 plus shipping 


Layout Table, Software, Computer

Monitor, Stand, Cables and Pens

2 Year Warranty 

Layout systems create and draw patterns for sheet metal duct and fittings used in

HVAC, Dust Collection and Roofing.

An inexpensive alternative to plasma systems. NiTec Inc. offers the following advantages:


A fraction of the cost.

No permits needed from your State or Local Government.

Increases Accuracy.

Uses 120V power (other voltages available).

No ventilation required, no poisonous fumes.

Your fitting patterns won't be discolored, tempered or rough.

No "cookie cutter" or "skeleton" scrap to cut up and throw away.

Patterns are automatically aligned, "Tic" marks are placed so most cuttings can be done on a shear.

Roll, kink, brake and other assembly marks are drawn on patterns along with fittings and pattern ID's.

Lines are always on the inside of the fittings.

Takes up less floor space.

No Fire Hazard and Easy to use!

Just select the type of fitting you want from a menu, pick edges from a list,

and enter the finished dimensions as shown in a picture on the screen.

The system will draw the patterns on your metal complete with edges, seams, bends,

rolls, folds and other assembly marks with the Sharpie Extra Fine or a Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker.

IMG_4833 (1).jpg
Flyer Updated 2 Year without tech support - Updated 11.18.2021.jpg

The patterns are arranged in columns and marks are placed on the edge of the sheets,

so a shear can be used to easily separate the patterns and do most of the cutting. 

All lines are on the inside of the patterns, a job of up to 99 fittings can be entered at once,

the patterns are automatically labeled to identify them with their fitting and location.

Example: If the 3rd fitting entered in the job is a 4 piece transition, the pieces of that fitting

would have 3L, 3B, 3R, or 3T drawn on them, of course, the letters stand for

Left, Bottom, Right and Top. The ID's are always at the same opening of the fitting.

With the optional label printer the systems can create paper labels for the outside

of the fittings. The paper labels can show job name, address, floor, location, fitting number

and even which truck it should be loaded. Anything you want.

These systems allow you to pre-view the fitting patterns on the sheets, so you always know

how much metal will be used. You can even enter smaller pieces, non-standard or scrap metal

before you let the system draw the job. That way the system will try to use those pieces

of metal before it defaults back to full sheets, plus, you can always save a job and draw it later.

This feature is really nice if you have a job you will need to repeat, like tract housing.

With typical drawing speeds up to 600 i.p.m. and max head speeds over 1000 i.p.m.,

you can make short work of your patterns. It does not have to be watched, so you can be cutting

and forming one sheet while it draws the next sheet.  What took all day, now takes a

couple of hours, some have said that shop expenses have been cut nearly in half.

The system can also draw patterns created with other software packages like 

Design2Fab  and DeltaCad. But, keep in mind that you do not need any other software to quickly

and easily create duct and fittings for HVAC, Dust Collection and Roofing,

so if you already have other software you can still use it. NiTec ships all systems complete,

this means you do not need to purchase anything else to use them, and we offer set-up and training

in the lower 48 States. 

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