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This is a list of comments gathered from various customers. 

The NiTec layout table has been huge asset to our company!

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"I have used them in 130° f  weather, and now 10° f  weather, from dust storms to snow storms it works,

and it sure saves on labor cost."
Again, thanks Sincerely;
Scott Stevens
Keiv Ukraine Mechanical Superintendent



"The machine has been worth more than we paid for it many times over.   [It is] one of the very best investments

that this company has ever made, and we have made many in our 90 year history."


Dr. Robert L. Ferrell, Ph.D.
Farnsworth Heating & Plumbing Co., Inc.
Bristol, TN



"The most user friendly piece of equipment I have ever seen.  As soon as our machine was delivered,

it instantly became the most important piece of equipment in our shop."


Bill Kranke
William T. Kranke, Inc.
Marybury, MD



"NiTec Inc., saved me more than once."


John Wolnowsky
Tin Shoppe
Brighton, MI

"The best investment we ever made in our sheet metal shop."


Jack McCarthy
Quality Heating, Inc.
North Platte, NE



"NiTec makes all of our journeyman layout men much more productive.  

They can use their time to much more advantage."

"Mike" Capps
Broomfield Sheet Metal
Broomfield, CO



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